Insurance Agent Liability

After you have suffered a loss to your property, you can often take comfort in the fact that you had the foresight to protect your investment with property insurance. But what happens when the property insurance you thought you had is much less than was represented or, worse yet, not even there?

In these cases you must be prepared to ask your agent or broker some very serious questions about what went wrong.

We Handle Claims Against Insurance Agents and Brokers Involving:
  • Errors and omissions
  • Failure to obtain coverage
  • Theft of premiums
  • Failure to properly explore, explain and advise clients of appropriate coverage options
  • Failure to activate and/or renew coverage
  • Misrepresentation of benefits
  • Selling a surplus lines policy without following Texas law

Property insurance has a number of moving parts. There are several different types of coverage, co-insurance provisions, deductibles and different combinations of all of the above. If you believe that your insurance agent was negligent or even dishonest with regard to the purchase and placement of your coverage, you may have a case.

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Tim Hoch is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Client Reviews
We use Tim Hoch to handle complex business litigation matters on a variety of topics. He combines a strategic, no-frills approach with a bottom-line mindset. He is extremely responsive, organized and thorough. We would gladly recommend his services.
In short order, he was able to quickly understand and master the details of our case and map out a very cost-effective, efficient legal strategy. After a series of quick wins in court, our opponent came to the table with a highly satisfactory settlement. Mr. Hoch’s ability to effectively tell a persuasive story within the confines of a courtroom is without equal. Anthony Page
Tim’s knowledge and insight regarding not just the law, but business and human nature in general was greatly appreciated and relied upon as we navigated through a difficult situation. Tim has my utmost admiration and respect both on a personal and professional basis. Phillip A. Reinsch