Fort Worth, Texas

My aunt used to have a bumper sticker which read: “Foat Wuth Ah Luv Yew!” For those of you who don’t speak Texan that reads “Fort Worth I Love You!” I wasn’t born in Fort Worth but I went to TCU and, except for my time at OU Law School have lived my entire adult life here.

Fort Worth has been very good to my family. We have some of the finest museums in the world (The Kimbell; The Modern; The Amon Carter). We have a number of beautiful parks and greenbelts (Botanical Gardens; Overton Park). We have a deep and rich history that celebrates our Western heritage (the Stockyards) with a nod to the future (Alliance Airport). There is an entrepreneurial spirit here which is largely fostered by some of the most progressive companies in the world. (American Airlines; BNSF Railroad; Alcon Labs). And, of course we have one of the finest Universities in TCU.

However, the greatest attribute of this fine city is the people. Friendly, welcoming, helpful, warm.

I am proud to represent the business people and hardworking folks of Fort Worth in divorce cases and in disputes with their property insurance company. It probably goes without saying that I have adopted my aunt’s hometown and her attitude about Fort Worth.

-Tim Hoch