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Dallas Commercial Property Insurance Lawyer

Protection against nightmarish scenarios resulting from damage are what individuals in the Dallas area expect when purchasing an insurance policy. That scenario becomes an even bigger nightmare if the policyholder finds they aren’t as covered as first thought, due to an agonizingly long contract with loopholes in it.

Avoiding these situations is what a Dallas commercial property insurance lawyer such as Tim Hoch does best. An expert in this field, he’ll only represent insurance customers, not the companies.

Getting an Accurate Appraisal

Determining a proper damage estimate is an appraiser’s job, but finding one with the skills to properly assess damaged commercial property can be difficult. In addition, if a conflict between the respective appraisers develops, an umpire must be selected by a court.

That means you’ll need a qualified legal representative like Tim Hoch to handle these duties. Ignoring this vital decision could result in a substandard appraiser or an umpire who sides with the insurance company.

Fighting Against Bad Faith and Ethical Lapses

Hoch Law Firm has extensive experience when it comes to aiding their clients during the insurance appraisal process. They also make sure that any bad faith questions concerning insurance agent errors or misrepresentation are rigorously addressed. These can include claims problems related to damage from fire, storms, hail and high winds.

The problem of misrepresentation by an insurance agent can become much more serious under certain conditions. For example, if you believe that an individual agent or insurance company has committed theft, been lax when it comes to either renewing or activating your policy or made an error that resulted in a financial cost to you, a legal representative to right this wrong is imperative.

The Need for Proper Legal Representation

When the times comes that you require this type of insurance, you want to make sure you hire a highly-accredited Dallas commercial property insurance lawyer. Preferably one with extensive experience in the profession.

Both of those qualifications fit Tim Hoch, who has more than a quarter-century in the field of law and is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. So make sure your first call is to the Hoch Law Firm at (817) 731-9703 or toll free at (800) 828-5160. He can determine the best course of action for you and help you get proper compensation.

Client Reviews
Tim represented us in a dispute with our insurance company over roof damage due to a hail storm in the Dallas area. We were very disheartened by the constant denials and dishonest treatment we were receiving from the insurance carrier, and Tim counseled us to remain patient while he systematically put together expert opinions and facts that supported our claim. Eventually we were able to settle our case and had the roof replaced on our apartment building just two months before the big tornado hit in late 2015. Our investment property was the only one in the area that did not sustain any roof damage! We were lucky with our timing, but we were even more fortunate to have Tim on our side. We highly recommend Tim's firm! Allan and Marian Goodman
In short order, he was able to quickly understand and master the details of our case and map out a very cost-effective, efficient legal strategy. After a series of quick wins in court, our opponent came to the table with a highly satisfactory settlement. Mr. Hoch’s ability to effectively tell a persuasive story within the confines of a courtroom is without equal. Anthony Page
Tim’s knowledge and insight regarding not just the law, but business and human nature in general was greatly appreciated and relied upon as we navigated through a difficult situation. Tim has my utmost admiration and respect both on a personal and professional basis. Phillip A. Reinsch
We use Tim Hoch to handle complex business litigation matters on a variety of topics. He combines a strategic, no-frills approach with a bottom-line mindset. He is extremely responsive, organized and thorough. We would gladly recommend his services. Richard Warren, CEO