Breach of Contract

When most people and businesses enter a contract, they have every intention of honoring the agreement. This is how our economy achieves certainty and efficiency. Unfortunately, contracts, oral agreements, partnerships, commitments and LLC Agreements don’t control the actual behavior of the parties. Even the clearest contracts can be subject to varying interpretation. Whether you are trying to enforce a contract, clarify a contract, avoid a contract or interpret a contract, we can advise you of your options and get involved in litigation if necessary. We understand that every dollar you spend on contract disputes negatively affects your bottom line. We are able to give an honest assessment of your chances and help you make a cost/benefit analysis to decide whether the enforcement of your contract rights makes sense.

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Client Reviews
We use Tim Hoch to handle complex business litigation matters on a variety of topics. He combines a strategic, no-frills approach with a bottom-line mindset. He is extremely responsive, organized and thorough. We would gladly recommend his services.
In short order, he was able to quickly understand and master the details of our case and map out a very cost-effective, efficient legal strategy. After a series of quick wins in court, our opponent came to the table with a highly satisfactory settlement. Mr. Hoch’s ability to effectively tell a persuasive story within the confines of a courtroom is without equal. Anthony Page
Tim’s knowledge and insight regarding not just the law, but business and human nature in general was greatly appreciated and relied upon as we navigated through a difficult situation. Tim has my utmost admiration and respect both on a personal and professional basis. Phillip A. Reinsch