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Dallas & Forth Worth Insurance Claims Lawyer

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. If you have a legal matter here is what I offer:
  1. I handle business cases, insurance cases and commercial cases that involve large sums of money. I do not handle more than a few cases at a time.
  2. I am Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Therefore I occasionally handle personal injury cases. These cases involve catastrophic injuries only.
  3. I have been practicing in Texas since 1988. I consider the practice of law to be a noble profession and I try to adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  4. I only represent people who handle their business and personal affairs in a straightforward, responsible and fair manner.
  5. I strongly believe that “Time is money.” Therefore, my goal is to achieve the best results for my clients in the shortest time possible, so when I am working on your case you will have my undivided attention.
  6. I also believe that “Money is money.” The money you spend on your lawyer is an investment that should pay you dividends. Otherwise, it is an exercise in futility.
  7. I like to try cases. The best results are usually achieved when a lawyer is prepared to try a case.

What kind of lawyer are you? I get that question all the time. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer. I suppose, first and foremost, I am a trial lawyer. I do not handle transactions, wills, contract negotiation or probate.

I sue businesses, insurance companies and people that have harmed others. It may be a property insurance company that refused to pay a valid claim. It may be a drug or device company that unleashed a deadly product on an unsuspecting consumer. It may be a drunk driver who killed your loved one. It may be a business that owes you money. It may be a life insurance company that has denied benefits.

Regardless of the type of claim, I am on the Plaintiff’s side. The Plaintiff is the party who files first. We have a story to tell.

I represent the pursuers of justice, the white hats, the right side. I pursue my cases aggressively, relentlessly.

I handle 90% of my cases on a contingency fee. This means that I will not get paid unless and until you get paid. This removes the considerable risk that accompanies litigation. I even advance the expenses of litigation so that you do not have to come out of pocket to pursue your case. I have a 27 year track record of success that I would love to share with you if you desire.

That’s what kind of lawyer I am.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you would like to discuss your case in confidence, feel free to call my toll free number at 1-800-828-5160 and ask for Tim Hoch. If I do not answer, I will call back right away.

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Meet Attorney Tim Hoch
Tim Hoch

Tim Hoch is a trial lawyer with over 25 years of experience. He is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and practices exclusively in the area of civil litigation and divorce where he represents business owners, property owners, lenders, investors, borrowers and fiduciaries.

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  • We use Tim Hoch to handle complex business litigation matters on a variety of topics. He combines a strategic, no-frills approach with a bottom-line mindset. He is extremely responsive, organized and thorough. We would gladly recommend his services.
  • In short order, he was able to quickly understand and master the details of our case and map out a very cost-effective, efficient legal strategy. After a series of quick wins in court, our opponent came to the table with a highly satisfactory settlement. Mr. Hoch’s ability to effectively tell a persuasive story within the confines of a courtroom is without equal.
  • Tim’s knowledge and insight regarding not just the law, but business and human nature in general was greatly appreciated and relied upon as we navigated through a difficult situation. Tim has my utmost admiration and respect both on a personal and professional basis.